French Onion Soup

April 19, 2012

My husband had many request for his birthday, but the first one was “French Onion Soup.”

You ask and you shall receive, especially for a birthday!

I love french onion soup and I created my own recipe by researching many recipes and came up with one that I love, and I think everyone enjoyed.


  • 10 Vidali Onions
  • 6 TBS butter
  • 2 TSP salt
  • 4 Cups of white wine
  • 20 oz of  canned beef consume
  • 20 oz chicken stock
  • 20 oz apple cider
  • Bouquet garni of Thyme, parsely, bay leaf
  • 1 loaf of hardy country white bread
  • Cognac, a splash
  • Combination of Gruyere an Fontina Cheeses, shredded

Start off by chopping all those onions! Its gonna be a pain, but get through it. Keep your onions in the fridge till you cut them and face down when you cut them so you wont be too many tears. Do not worry I too was in tears and took breaks.

Once you have then chopped I got out my electric skillet because it was the largest pot I had to hold all these onions! Melt the butter and then add your onions to the skillet or pot.

The trick for keeping it seasoned well is to salt the onions each layer you put them in. Now do not stir the onions for a good 40-50 minutes. Let them be.

After they have sweated out a bit then you can start to stir them every so often, use your judgement, but I stirred them every 25 minutes and then every 10 once they got closer to being done.

Do not worry about burning them.

While these are cooking, go ahead and get your herbs ready to go. I bring all my herbs in during the winter months and keep them in my house. I have Rosemary, Thyme, Sage and Oregano.

Put them in a cheesecloth all together.

And wrap them up!

Once the onions have reached their perfection: See below.

Go ahead and add the white wine, turn heat on high till wine turns into a syrup consistency.

Now you are going to add the consume, chicken broth, apple cider and the herbs to the skillet.

Reduce the heat and allow to simmer for 20-35 minutes

Toast the bread slices and cut them out perfectly for the bowls you are using. Shred the cheese at this point as well. Set everything aside so you can assemble when the soup is ready!

Season with salt and pepper and a splash of cognac at the end. Remove the herbs. Now you are ready to ladle the soup in each person individual bowls, then place the bread and then cheese on top!

Its amazingly rich and warming for the soul. I hope you enjoy!