I’ll eat you up, I love you so is written by me; Christina Mercurio, a cook, a wife and mother who loves to cook. I grew up in New England in an Italian American home. Watching my parents cook, and under my sisters regime of baking I learned a lot.  I am  also very much self taught these past 10 years of cooking for my husband and now my son. I find every excuse in the book to have people over and cook for them. I love using fresh organic ingredients to make delicious food for the people I love. I have a passion for taking care of my family, especially when it comes to food. I believe that what you eat can affect you in many ways, long term and short term, so I am very careful to buy organic, cage free, and local ingredients as much as possible.  As a mother I see so many people giving their kids fast food or processed food; stuff that is just plain junk . I make it my job and responsilbilty to give my child (and my husband) the best foods possible. I take the time to cook good wholesome meals for them even  if that means me not putting on makeup or making the bed that day.  But I gotta tell you I enjoy cooking way more then makeup and housework any day!


8 Responses to “About Me”

  1. Mom said

    This is creative and fun!
    I am pleased for you and look forward
    to reading more.

  2. Lee said

    I am so proud of my sister!

  3. Aunt Eileen said

    Chrissy! You are ingenious! Can’t wait for what follows!

  4. sara said

    i love you and this !! your my idol

  5. Willi Marilli said

    That’s hot.

    I guessing it was your cooking that inspired the baby making. xoxo


  6. Sarah said

    Chris, are you the same person that iPEC? This is wonderful.

    ~Sarah Bevilacqua

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